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Where to host your wordpress site?

This week I was deciding where to migrate my wordpress sites as the current hosting at the Appfog is going to migrate to a new version of their platform which is not very well suited for our needs any more 다운로드. There is hundreds and hundreds hosting solutions out there, some of them specialised purely … Continue reading

Installing HP printer/scanner in Linux

다운로드 After updating my laptop to new version of Linux Mint (17.2) I found out that I can’t print on my network HP printer. I’ve tried to re-install HP drivers but it wasn’t as smooth as I thought 다운로드. HP installation script kept refusing to install new version of their driver and kept telling me … Continue reading

How to convert .pnm to .pdf

aix lsof 다운로드 Recently I’ve bought a new laser printer from HP and I started to use XSane for scanning – unfortunately the program produces .pnm file for every scanned page and even though these are quite big and pretty much useless for attaching to emails and so 다운로드. I’ve come up with following solution … Continue reading

How to fix Eclipse UI in Linux

너의 췌장을 먹고싶어 영화 One of the worst thing which can happen to any developer is when the tool he uses 8+ hours per day suddenly changes the UI. This is the case of the new version of Eclipse on linux distributions – the GTK layout simply uses huge fonts and other elements so the … Continue reading

How to install Deadbeef in Ubuntu

If you don’t know DeaDBeeF yet I highly recommend to check it out – it’s lightweight music player for linux, with simple and easy to work with user interface 다운로드. It MS Windows alternative would be foobar which has pretty the same level of awesomeness as DeaDBeeF. 다운로드. Unfortunately there is no official package for … Continue reading

How to fix Eclipse and PreferenceConverter exception

I’m running Linux Mint on my desktop and I recently updated my eclipse version to new Juno. After that the Eclipse sometimes doesn’t want to start and I end up with frozen tiny dialog without any content which I’m not able to close and have to kill it 다운로드. The issue lies somewhere deep in … Continue reading

ActiveMQ startup problems on Windows

다운로드 We’ve chosen to use ActiveMQ for our enterprise Java application (together with some other interesting tools like Apache Camel and Ivy) and I started to migrate the old code which have been using Glassfish stack to new environment on my dev machine 다운로드. When integrating the Apache ActiveMQ everything went smooth including the installation … Continue reading

How to install software for Canon cameras

The title of this post sound little bit silly as one would say what kind of issue could be in such straightforward process like installing drivers for my digital camera 서라운드 사운드 다운로드. Well – if you have original disc from Canon then you are fine. But in case you lost the disc or just … Continue reading

How to fix Google Sync authentication errors

Just few days ago I started getting authentication errors when trying to synchronize my PDA (HTC Artemis) with Google account. It had been working without any problems for few week, then suddenly stopped 다운로드. I was trying to remove the server from active sync and re-add it, reboot both pda and laptop but nothing helped. … Continue reading

How to remove “Like this” from Google Reader

So are you getting mad after the last socials change made to Reader by Google and trying to find how to get rid of those annoying how many people like this post 쿠키 런 다운로드? If you are using Firefox based browser, here is the how to! For hiding the socials stuff we will use … Continue reading