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How to recreate root account in MySQL

Today I was trying to log in to mysql database administration on one of my hosting machines and as I was getting ‘permission denied for user [email protected]’ I tried to fix the root account and reset its password. But I wasn’t successful and later on I realized, that the root account was deleted from the … Continue reading

How to change keyboard on Acer Aspire One

I bought this wonderful piece of hardware last week from UK Amazon for amazing 180 pounds and I am still really surprised by this netbook. It is light (just 1 kg), with nice and comfortable keyboard (for its size) and I haven’t noticed any non working or dodgy parts in there. As I am from … Continue reading

How to convert FAT32 to NTFS

This time it will be extremely short but I hope that it still will help someone to save large files on external usb disks or sticks. I bought new external USB hard drive for my HDVD player and I was very surprised, that it wasn’t possible to store large .mkv files with 1080p rips on … Continue reading

How to use ‘less’ as a logging tool

Last month I was working on site with some services guys as a support and found out, that they are using the ‘less’ command for checking the logs on UNIX machines with application server. Nothing unusual you think, but they used it in some automatic refresh mode which I have seen for first time. And … Continue reading