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How to deploy application to Tomcat with Ant

Today I got stucked with my ant build for almost one hour but finally I solved the problem with deploying java web application from Eclipse to Tomcat. I haven’t find any good article about deploying applications to Tomcat server so I create my build.xml file from pieces on the internet. So I took somewhere target … Continue reading

How to fix the startup freeze in PSPad

Are you experiencing an annoying freezing when starting your favorite editor PSPad? We know how to fix it! Continue reading

How to create user in MySQL

This is the quick and straight way how to create a user in MySQL with permissions on specified database. Although it is very good described in MySQL documentation, I was tired of searching the help everytime when I need this. So that’s why this quick post emerged, hope that you will enjoy it.

How to reset root password

In this article I will show you the fastest and easiest way to change your forgotten password on your linux machine. You will need physicall access to your computer and you must be using LILO or GRUB as your boot manager with no password protection. If you dont meet these conditions, following howto will not … Continue reading

Howto remove ‘/blog’ from permalinks URL in WordPress MU

If you are using multi-user version of wordpress, then the main (or root) blog has default permalink URL prefix ‘/blog’, which is not possible to change to anything else. This prefix is hardcoded in php files of wordpress system – the main reason is, that if you are using sub-directories as a blog adresses (like … Continue reading

Howto to use pagination in your posts in WordPress

As some old users of WordPress remember, there was button for simple pagination in WYSIWYG editor. But for some reason was removed from version 1.5.1, and is not present neither in new versions of WordPress. I did some investigation in it and found simple and pretty solution.