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Installing HP printer/scanner in Linux

After updating my laptop to new version of Linux Mint (17.2) I found out that I can’t print on my network HP printer. I’ve tried to re-install HP drivers but it wasn’t as smooth as I thought. HP installation script kept refusing to install new version of their driver and kept telling me that the … Continue reading

How to convert .pnm to .pdf

Recently I’ve bought a new laser printer from HP and I started to use XSane for scanning – unfortunately the program produces .pnm file for every scanned page and even though these are quite big and pretty much useless for attaching to emails and so. I’ve come up with following solution which works for me: … Continue reading

How to fix Eclipse UI in Linux

One of the worst thing which can happen to any developer is when the tool he uses 8+ hours per day suddenly changes the UI. This is the case of the new version of Eclipse on linux distributions – the GTK layout simply uses huge fonts and other elements so the whole workbench is just … Continue reading

How to install Deadbeef in Ubuntu

If you don’t know DeaDBeeF yet I highly recommend to check it out – it’s lightweight music player for linux, with simple and easy to work with user interface. It MS Windows alternative would be foobar which has pretty the same level of awesomeness as DeaDBeeF.. Unfortunately there is no official package for new Ubuntu … Continue reading

How to change keyboard on Acer Aspire One

I bought this wonderful piece of hardware last week from UK Amazon for amazing 180 pounds and I am still really surprised by this netbook. It is light (just 1 kg), with nice and comfortable keyboard (for its size) and I haven’t noticed any non working or dodgy parts in there. As I am from … Continue reading

How to use ‘less’ as a logging tool

Last month I was working on site with some services guys as a support and found out, that they are using the ‘less’ command for checking the logs on UNIX machines with application server. Nothing unusual you think, but they used it in some automatic refresh mode which I have seen for first time. And … Continue reading

How to reset root password

In this article I will show you the fastest and easiest way to change your forgotten password on your linux machine. You will need physicall access to your computer and you must be using LILO or GRUB as your boot manager with no password protection. If you dont meet these conditions, following howto will not … Continue reading