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ActiveMQ startup problems on Windows

We’ve chosen to use ActiveMQ for our enterprise Java application (together with some other interesting tools like Apache Camel and Ivy) and I started to migrate the old code which have been using Glassfish stack to new environment on my dev machine. When integrating the Apache ActiveMQ everything went smooth including the installation and setting … Continue reading

How to install software for Canon cameras

The title of this post sound little bit silly as one would say what kind of issue could be in such straightforward process like installing drivers for my digital camera. Well – if you have original disc from Canon then you are fine. But in case you lost the disc or just bought used camera … Continue reading

How to convert FAT32 to NTFS

This time it will be extremely short but I hope that it still will help someone to save large files on external usb disks or sticks. I bought new external USB hard drive for my HDVD player and I was very surprised, that it wasn’t possible to store large .mkv files with 1080p rips on … Continue reading

How to fix the startup freeze in PSPad

Are you experiencing an annoying freezing when starting your favorite editor PSPad? We know how to fix it! Continue reading