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Where to host your wordpress site?

This week I was deciding where to migrate my wordpress sites as the current hosting at the Appfog is going to migrate to a new version of their platform which is not very well suited for our needs any more. There is hundreds and hundreds hosting solutions out there, some of them specialised purely on … Continue reading

Howto remove ‘/blog’ from permalinks URL in WordPress MU

If you are using multi-user version of wordpress, then the main (or root) blog has default permalink URL prefix ‘/blog’, which is not possible to change to anything else. This prefix is hardcoded in php files of wordpress system – the main reason is, that if you are using sub-directories as a blog adresses (like … Continue reading

Howto to use pagination in your posts in WordPress

As some old users of WordPress remember, there was button for simple pagination in WYSIWYG editor. But for some reason was removed from version 1.5.1, and is not present neither in new versions of WordPress. I did some investigation in it and found simple and pretty solution.